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Polysorb 0

Polysorb™ är en multifil syntetisk(lactomer) resorberbar sutur. Välj mellan  olika nålar och trådlängder.

Mer Information
Polysorb™ sutures are composed of Lactomer™ glycolide/lactide copolymer, which is a synthetic polyester composed of glycolide and lactide (derived from glycolic and lactic acids). They are prepared by coating the suture with a mixture of a caprolactone/glycolide copolymer and calcium stearoyl lactylate. The sutures are colored violet to increase visibility and are also available undyed. The advanced extrusion process of the molecule of Lactomer™ 9-1, the exclusive braiding process and coating system, give the suture:
  • Excellent strength over the critical wound healing period1,†
  • Excellent knot security2,3,‡
  • Excellent handling2,3,‡
  • Predictable absorption profile4
Polysorb™ sutures are indicated for use during surgical interventions, including ophthalmic surgery for the purposes of soft tissue approximation and/or ligation.